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Dental assistants are some of the people who spend the most time with patients in the dental office. Not only do they assist the dentist during treatment, but dental assistants also enrich the lives of others by looking after their oral health. Whether you’re in family practice or a specialty office, there are many reasons to love the dental assistant life. If you’re an outgoing and motivated individual, here are just a few reasons why this profession is a great one to consider when you’re pursuing a new career as a dental assistant:

Dental Assistants are In Demand

As long as dentists are responsible for caring for patients, there will be a need for them to have a dental assistant in their office. After all, you’re like the dentist’s right hand when it comes to taking care of their patients. From setting up for procedures that day, educating patients, and the physical four-handed dentistry during clinical procedures, the demand for dental assistants isn’t going away anytime soon. The better skills and techniques you have, the more in-demand you’ll be after finishing your dental assistant program

Take Your Dental Assisting Career Anywhere

Most assistants can make new careers they can take with them, regardless of which city or state they live in. No matter where in the country you go, you shouldn’t ever have trouble finding a job, as dental assistants are always in demand. Access to oral health care is important for most people. So, whether you’re working in a traditional private practice or a public clinic, you can feel confident that there will be jobs to fill. 

Your Schedule Changes Every Day

One of the things about the dental profession is that no two days are alike. You may have a patient in for oral surgery that morning, one getting orthodontic aligners a little later, and an afternoon schedule with crowns or root canals. The only thing that’s the same is you’ll be taking care of patients and improving the lives of others. 

There are Lots of Job Options

Not all dental assistants have to do the same job. Some assistants work in orthodontic practice settings while others work in a pediatric dental office. Or maybe you have a chairside job in a cosmetic practice, where you work with dentists to complete complex smile makeovers. Some dental assistants love more surgical settings, taking on a role in oral surgery or periodontal practices, where dentists install dental implants, extract wisdom teeth, or perform more complex procedures. 

The duties you have as a dental assistant will include techniques you learn in school, as well as those from your team and dentist-employer. 

Further Your Career in Dental Practice

Thinking about becoming a dentist or dental hygienist one day? Many dental assistants love that they can get a taste of dental job life before committing to more long-term educational goals. When you work on a job for a year or so, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of other types of dental careers, sometimes working your way up in the same office. Although hygienists and doctors have to go back to college, cross-duties such as working at the front desk can also lead to careers like dental office management. Having hands-on experience will make it easier for you to further your education should you decide to go back to school at some point in the future. 

Most Dental Assisting Jobs are Full Time with Benefits

If you’re wanting a full-time, steady job with benefits, becoming a dental assistant is a smart move. Plus, you can have a steady career without years of student loan debt! Many dental assistants get benefits like vacation time, a uniform allowance, including professional development training, discounts on dental treatment, and even retirement packages. 

The typical dental assistant job is 8-5 Monday-Friday. However, a lot of dentists are starting to offer extended and flexible hours. You might find that you can work evenings, weekends, or even a 4-day workweek. 

Dental Assistants Can Temp or Work Part-Time

Some dental assistants prefer not to work full-time. And that’s ok! Maybe your career as a dental assistant is temping when the kids are in school, traveling to jobs around the state, or working for one dentist three days a week while you do something else the rest of the time. Dental assistants love how flexible their career can be (even if they haven’t ever taken a dental assisting national board exam.)

Continuing Education Courses

Great dental assistants love learning. What makes dental assisting so interesting is that there’s always more to learn. Your career will never be stagnant. Your dental office will probably attend conferences throughout the year. As a team, you’ll get to learn, possibly travel, and deepen your knowledge of oral health strategies. Then you can take that information back to your job, where you use it to care for patients. Like medicine, information in the dental field is constantly advancing. You’ll get to learn new things for the rest of your life. 

Dental Assisting is a Rewarding Career

As dental professionals, dental assistants get to provide a first-hand role in patient care. The relationships they create with both their patients and co-workers create bonds that last for years. Even though it’s a “job”, dentistry is a way of life. Your self-esteem from helping others will give you a completely fresh outlook on your new career. Plus, you’ll be better motivated to work toward your own overall health, once you see how big of an impact dental care makes on your patients. 

As a dental assistant, you’ll help patients feel comfortable during each visit. When you visually see how their anxiety level goes down, it will give you the professional and personal satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference. 

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