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by Elizabeth E on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
An amazing experience

I attended Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School , it was an amazing experience to learn hands on from our amazing teachers and doctor! The teachers here at the academy are very involved and passionate about giving the best advice and knowledge on everything you need to know about dental assisting. Every week you’ll learn something new and it becomes surprisingly easy to pick up on the tools and skills you need to know when you get hired at an office because of all the effort they put into teaching you, which is an amazing feeling ! Any additional help that you may need they offer outside of class as well which is a great help. My favorite part of the class was definitely the labs you get to do with the other students because , you are actually getting to experience being in a room and doing everything you would do with a real doctor as if you were working already at an office ! Dr. B , Melanie , and Tanya are amazing at making sure you understand every procedure you are taking on and providing you with easy steps while you are working. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who is curious about becoming a dental assistant and I encourage a lot of other young women to come in and take a tour of the school and meet our mentors ! It has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made and it is worth the time and effort you put in , because you will get a great outcome from the course 🙂

by Jeannette W on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I am so glad I joined this school

I am currently enrolled at radiance dental assistanting school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to start their career in dental assistanting. Melanie the main instructor is very patient and kind, she is so helpful and I wouldn’t have asked for a better instructor (the sweetest lady I have ever met). And Tanya the Tuesday instructor is very helpful and knowledgeable. Dr B is awesome, very helpful and kind to her students. Her story of how she got where she is today made me cry. It is a very heartfelt story. And reminds you that anyone can achieve their goals.The school highly encourages you doing your internship at the school, and I would as well they will answer any question you have. I had looked around at other schools and found that radiance was the best fit for me. And very affordable, they will work with you as well. I am so glad I joined this school and the other students are so kind and helpful to one another!

by Briel M on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I am so thrilled with my experience!

I’m currently attending Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School and I am so thrilled with my experience! The instructors are extraordinarily knowledgeable and extremely helpful! They provide an excellent learning environment and make sure you get the hands on experience that you truly need. They are constantly asking for our feedback to ensure that we are receiving the best experience and education possible. They offer fantastic class times that work around schedules and the program is extremely affordable!

by Hata M on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy

I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to study at this academy and yet I did not have to leave my current job.especially I like that all students are very friendly.there is an opportunity to practice and assist the doctor developing my skills and strengthening knowledge.I apologize if I made mistakes in my review because English is my second language.our teacher Melany is very nice!For 10 weeks of training I received a lot of new knowledge in the field of dentistry.yet the doctor is very warm to each student and helps everyone to believe in themselves!

by Clark M on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I absolutely loved it

I can't begin to describe how amazing this academy was. I absolutely loved it and therefore I was able to do my best! The instructors were amazing, such great professionals and to see that they've built this curriculum on their own is truly something to be proud about. I am so impressed by all the hard work they put into this academy. I couldn't be more thankful to have found this dental assisting school. Everything about this adademy was worth it! I enjoyed it being very hands on and having Melanie who knows HOW TO TEACH. Thank you for making this experience awesome!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I’ve launched my dental career and so can you!

by Roxanne T on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I've learned so much!

Ever since I received the opportunity to work alongside the students and Dr. Bharathi, at Radiance Dental Assisting School, I've learned so much! It's been a great experience so far and I recommend that if you or someone you know, is interesred in Dentistry to go here! Dr. Bharathi makes sure that all of her students are learning at a normal pace, without making us feel silly if we don't understand something right away. I was already excited to pursue a career in the dental field. Melanie and Dr. Bharathi, have only added to that excitement!

by Katie R on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
Receive a rewarding career

I went to this school January 2013 and have been a Dental Assistant ever since! I love my job. Melanie is fabulous and a great teacher. She's very willing to help in any way she can. I was first her student, became her co-worker and now we are still friends! The program is great and full of quick hands-on learning. If you're looking to become a Dental Assistant, go see Melanie and receive a rewarding career like me!

by K G on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I'm so thankful

In 2009 I was a student here and became a dental assistant! The tools and knowledge I acquired from the program set me up for success! In the last 9 years Ive grown so much as an assistant and as a person, I have had exciting opportunities to work with many different specialty doctors, even general anesthesiologists! There’s also several volunteer opportunities I’ve gotten to be a part of through dentistry. I’ve developed such a passion for my patients! Not everybody likes going to the dentist but I get to make their experience as positive as possible and I’m good at it! To this day I still refer back to advice I was given during the 12 week program. One of my closest friends I met during the program, bonus!! Everyday is different and I’m always met with new exciting challenges. I’m so thankful I started with a solid foundation.

by M C on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
I am so thankful for this school

I have wanted to be a dental assistant for 10 years now but have put it off. I needed a change of career and looked into dental assisting schools. I read the reviews on Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School and stopped in to ask questions. I met Melanie and was just delighted with how caring and passionate she was about teaching and her students. Melanie, the head instructor, has the biggest heart, happiest, bubbly personality. She REALLY cares about people and wants everyone to do well and get a great career. Tanya, the lab teacher, is very knowledgeable as well. She takes time to show us in detail what we have learned from Melanie. This program is at a dental office and the students are able to come in and assist in procedures to gain internship hours. Dr. Bharathi is very helpful and always willing to have patients come in during class so that we can watch and assist in the procedures. Everyone at this school has been so wonderful, kind and helpful. I have really enjoyed this class. I even had an internship and job linked up while in school. I am so thankful for this school and the opportunities that it has opened for me.

by Snejana B on Radiance Dental Assisting Academy
Incredible journey

Radiance dental academy has been an incredible journey and learning experience! I've learned so much thanks to the teachers here. They're so welcoming and kind, the whole environment over all is so great. With their patience, teaching, and dedication, I was able to learn at a fast pace with great understanding. It's also fun, and you get the hands on experience you need for your career. I am so greatful for this opportunity, for the lovely teachers, and all the students which have become friends of mine. I highly recommend Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School for anyone who is wishing to start a career in the dental field!!!

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