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Are you an aspiring dental assistant looking for a training school in the Camas, Washington, area? You may live in Portland or even Vancouver. Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School might be the right choice for you! We are located just minutes outside of Portland, offering a convenient, quick and affordable option to become a dental assistant in as little as 12 weeks’ time. 

Becoming a dental assistant can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, and it all starts with the school you choose for your journey to becoming one! After the decision to become a dental assistant comes the choice of what school you should attend to obtain the proper training and skills to thrive! Keep reading to learn what Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School can offer for your future dental assisting self.

About Our Dental Assisting Training Program

Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School has been training and preparing students for their dental assisting careers since 2008. There are several reasons why Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School is a top-tier choice for your educational goals. Experienced instructors will encourage you as you learn throughout the 12-week program to ensure you are ready to take on your dental assisting roles comes graduation. Our team of dental professionals have over 25+ years of experience in the dental field. You can be sure you are trained by some of the best dental professionals Washington offers! Keep reading to learn why Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School may be your right choice!

Fast Paced and Flexible

With only 12 weeks of training, the dental assisting program moves quickly to get you out working as soon as possible! A total of 144 classroom hours must be completed to graduate. Not only does this program go by quickly, but a flexible schedule is also possible, with nights and weekends available for classroom time if needed. This is an excellent option for our dental assisting students with families, children to care for, or already busy schedules. You can get your training without halting the rest of your busy life! Extended class hours are available to make things run smoothly in your schedule. Please see our website for more information regarding lab and classroom hours available for the upcoming semester. 

Classroom Size Puts Your Academics First

Smaller classroom sizes provide more personalized instruction for aspiring dental assistants. This smaller size helps ensure all of our students are on the same page in the quick process of 12 weeks and can provide extra help when needed. Many other dental assisting programs have larger classes, making it difficult to get one-on-one time when needed or lost in the shuffle. Rest assured, our certified dental assistant instructors are there to help you through every step of the way. Support is always available, Whether in the classroom or when studying at home. 

Hands-on Dental Assisting Experience

While lecture courses are required throughout any dental assistant program, you must also get hands-on training before graduating. An internship of 50 hours will provide you with hands-on experience that is a must in training to become a dental assistant in the real world. This dental assisting internship helps to give day-to-day experience and will build confidence working in a dental setting. At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, an on-site dental office is used for all internship hours required for completion. This internship location is full of past graduates and a staff that is comfortable working with students, providing the ideal environment to learn as a student. 

Tuition + Dental Benefits

This has got to be a favorite on the pros list; who doesn’t want a good deal regarding school tuition? Our current dental assistant tuition is $5,995.00. Compared to other dental assisting programs throughout the country, this affordable option is almost 5 times less, and we also provide financial aid for those who qualify. On top of affordable tuition, students within the dental assisting program can enjoy discounts on specific dental treatments they may need while studying there. Check with our financial aid department for more information.

Career Opportunities

At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, you’ll have access to readily available job opportunities as soon as you graduate! Graduates have highly sought after, as dental practices in the Camas, Washington, area know the value of graduates after completing their training. We also help with job placement! In Washington, dental assisting jobs are in extremely high demand (post-COVID). Future estimates predict a massive 20% growth in the dental assisting field over the next decade. This positive dental assistant career outlook allows future graduates to weigh their options and have a say in where they take their careers to the next level. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to work in dentistry! 

Future Career Options

While the perks of career opportunities as a dental assistant are great, they’re just the beginning. Many of our dental assistant students will become dental hygienists, practice managers, sales representatives and even dentists! Dental assisting can be a great stepping stone for those looking to introduce themselves to a career in dentistry to see how they like it. Starting as a dental assistant can give you a significant advantage in understanding another side of dentistry. Plus, you can be sure your dental assisting skills will never go to waste!

Since dental assisting school is a direct entry program after earning your high school diploma, you can explore a rewarding career in various dental roles without the risk of hefty student loan debt.

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If you want to start an exciting and promising career in the Portland or Vancouver area, dental assisting at Northwest Pacific Dental Assisting School may be the right choice! Make your career goals a reality and apply today! Contact our Camas program to learn more about enrollment, financial aid, etc.