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Looking for dental assistant schools in Washington or Oregon? Depending on which state you’re in, dental assisting programs and their dental accreditation status will differ from one to the next. Understanding your dental assistant education requirements will get you on the right track to dental assisting, national board qualifications, and working in a dental practice. 

Some certified dental assistant programs are run through community colleges, while other dental assistant schools are independent vocational schools run by dental professionals. 

Is Dental Assisting Education Right for Me?

Dental assistants do tend to have very high interpersonal skills and prefer working with their hands. Additionally, they have an eye for the fine details. A great amount of dexterity, compassion, and the skills required to support a dentist and your patients. The dental assisting profession provides benefits including good job prospects and career stability. Of course, finding and selecting programs that fit you and your schedule are crucial. There’s a great chance that you’re already eligible to apply

Read the Course Curriculum of a Dental Assistant School

Your dental assistant program course curriculum consists of three parts:

  • Hands-on learning.
  • Training in a real-world chairside setting.
  • Learning to work with the latest dental equipment and materials.

Since each dental assisting education program requirement is different, it’s important to look at dental assisting programs that are well respected and familiar with your state’s credentialing process. 

Find the Best Dental Assistant Program For You

What are your dental assisting career goals? Where do you plan on working? Are you hoping to attend an associate degree program or a certificate program that only requires a high school diploma? 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Dental Assisting school, including the duration of the program locations and curriculum. 

Some students believe small student to teacher relationships are important to their success. Others might see more worth in the days designated as clinical internships. Take a second to analyze what’s important for you by asking the right questions when meeting as an admissions representative. Entry level dental assistants who meet their state’s dental assisting requirements often owe it to choosing the right dental assisting program. 

Understand What’s Included in Dental Assistant Education

A dental assistant education includes everything from on-the-job training in a real world setting to handling dental lab materials and radiation health precautions. Your formal education covers the entire scope of dental offices so that your general education courses meet state dental boards requirements. A few dental assistant schools offer a program that blends clinical dental practices with classroom training. 

What is the Average Cost of Dental Assistant School?

Out-of-pocket school expenses typically vary according to where you live. Dental assistant school can cost from $4,000 to $16,000. Financial aid is usually available. Many of our student dental assistants receive loans or grants. At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, we offer flexible payment plan options, too!

Is it Hard to Get Into Dental Assistant School?

Since assistants perform specific duties related to patient care, they will need to gain experience related to performing specific duties. Such as coronal polishing, taking impressions, or learning to place a dental dam. But most applicants looking to become a dental assistant will have good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, and a friendly personality. 

You’ll be working with people, so being part of a team is a valuable characteristic. Getting into a dental assisting program isn’t hard as long as you have a high school diploma and a driven attitude. Since dental assisting allows you to work with multiple individuals of all backgrounds, you’ll want to keep that in mind. A good dental assisting program will provide you with opportunities to work with various practices and specialties. And you’re eligible to search for a job as soon as you graduate or complete your certification (depending on which state you live in.)

Find Out if Job Placement Assistance is Offered

Dental assistant employment is expected to increase 19% between 2016 and 2026. We assist students with job placement in addition to the core requirements of their academic programs. Our graduates typically work in Oregon and Washington, as well as other areas of the Northwest. Some even go on to dental school or become dental hygienists. A career in the dental industry (with a national certification exam or not) is a stable career path with many different options to consider. Our dental assistants have an extremely high job placement rate, thanks to our relationship with dental schools and practices in our area. 

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Choosing the right course for you is a big step to take but the step is the only way to embark on a successful academic journey. Finding a dental assisting program is sometimes hard because there are so many choices. For people who live in Oregon or Washington, make sure your dental assisting program fits your state education requirements. There are many factors to consider and costs to consider, but dental assisting is a stable, rewarding career path. 

If you’re searching for a dental assisting program or want more information on what it takes to become a dental assistant, contact Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School today or submit your application HERE