Dental Assisting Internship

Complete your internship at our onsite dental practice! Hands-on training from experienced dental professionals!

In addition to 144 hours of classroom study, students at Radiance Dental Assisting Academy have the opportunity to complete their required 32-hour internship at our onsite dental practice. Unlike other dental assisting training programs, you won’t have to search for a dental practice to intern at.

We want you to focus on developing the skills you need to be a successful Dental Assistant, not stressing over whether you’ll find an internship opportunity. You’ll work alongside Dr. Bharathi and her staff of hygienists and experienced dental assistants to learn the essential skills you need to succeed.

dental assisting students at desks learning from instructor

What You’ll Learn…

Your internship is fast paced and hands on! You’ll learn how to…

  • Sterilize a treatment room
  • Perform mouth rinses
  • Take and develop dental x-rays
  • Create a temporary crown
  • Make custom mouth-guards and tooth-whitening trays for patients
  • Assist dental staff with advanced procedures, including root canals, oral surgeries, and denture placements

And much more!

Most importantly, you’ll learn what it is like to be an essential and contributing member of a real dental practice. Our internship is thoughtfully designed to act as an extension of your classroom study, building upon the knowledge you’ve learned and putting theory into practice.

You’ll love the satisfaction that comes with helping real patients!

“I would recommend RDAA because they are going to give you the tools and skills that you need when you go out to start your career as an assistant.”


Meet Our Faculty

25+ Years Experience!

Melanie Naylor

Melanie Naylor

Head Instructor

Tanya Balan

Tanya Balan


Raj Kaur

Raj Kaur


Dr. Bharathi

Dr. Bharathi



I looked very hard to find the correct Dental Assistant School for me and I am lucky I found Radiance Dental Assisting Academy. You will have an opportunity to do an internship and I highly suggest you take it. It’ll give you a unique experience to watch the professionals at work and eventually get the chance to participate in helping the dentist and dental assistants.

— Tatyana B.

Radiance Dental Assisting Academy Offers…

12 weeks of the hands-on classroom training you need to start your career.


The most experienced dental assisting faculty in the Vancouver area

Tuition of only $3,995, including payment options and financial assistance.


Small class sizes and flexible night and weekend class sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find My Own Practice to Intern at?

Yes! If there’s a practice you’d prefer to work at, you’re welcome to complete your internship at the dental practice of your choice. Be aware that it is harder to intern in Oregon as you will not have the x-ray license that Oregon requires for Dental Assistants.

Can I Complete Internship Hours On the Weekends?

At our affiliated, on-site dental practice we only offer internship during weekday business hours.

After I Graduate, Can I Start Work Right Away?

Every state has its own licensing requirements for Dental Assistants. However, it’s easy for graduates of Radiance Dental Assisting Academy to start working right away because there are no licensing requirements for most entry-level dental assistant jobs in the state of Washington.

However, if you plan on working in Oregon, you’ll have to first work for 1,000 hours in Washington or pass a series of Oregon licensing exams. Your internship hours count towards the 1,000 hours of work experience.

How Will I Get Started in My Dental Assisting Career?

When you complete your classroom training and internship at the Radiance Dental Assisting Academy, we help you with your job search. We help place many of our graduates with local dental practices.

Almost 100% of our graduates begin working right away.

What Are the Entrance Requirements For Your Dental Assisting Program?

We consider all applicants and look for potential students who will:>

  1. Benefit from the classroom study, hands-on training, and professional experience we provide
  2. Be great additions to the dental profession

When evaluating candidates we will ask you for several character recommendations by personal and professional references. In addition, a high school diploma is required.

No prior healthcare career experience, education, or training is needed. Many of our students have worked in unrelated fields like retail sales.

How Do I Apply?

It’s easy to apply online. If you have questions about any aspect of the application process, contact us online or call us at (360) 844-5391.

Be aware that:

We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, or religion. In order to accepted, applicants be able to perform the job of dental assisting. Due to the “fast track” nature of the program, late enrollment is not permitted.

Radiance Dental Assisting Academy is approved and regulated by the National School of Dental Assisting.

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