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Are you living your best life? Or do you feel like you’re just treading water — or worse, falling behind and not reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself? Do you find satisfaction in your career? Or are you just working another job, worried about your future and long-term prospects? 

Is your work keeping you from achieving your goals? It might be time to think about a career change. 

But what should you look for and what should you avoid when switching to a new field? How will you find a career that will actually improve your life?

Better schedule

Many students at Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School have no previous healthcare experience or training. In fact, many have worked for years in retail or other customer service roles. Unfortunately, these fields are known for unpredictable scheduling, inconsistent hours, and often require working nights and weekends. This just doesn’t add up to a fulfilling or sustainable lifestyle. A career change is often needed to achieve a better schedule and a better life.

Most dental practices, on the other hand, are generally closed on Fridays and are only open during normal business hours — usually 9 to 5 or thereabouts. Graduates of our Dental Assisting program tend to enjoy the schedule and predictability, which:

  • Makes it easier and more affordable to find childcare during the day
  • Allows plenty of time for hobbies and a social life
  • Reduces stress in their personal relationships with friends and family

Do you work the night shift? Overnight work has been proven to throw off your body’s natural circadian rhythms and wreak havoc on your health and wellness. Research shows that night shift workers are at particularly high risk for:

  • Poor sleep quality and insomnia
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental illness
  • Increased risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and some cancers
  • Obesity and Type 2 diabetes
  • Vitamin D deficiency

Are you a night shift worker who’s looking for a career that will benefit your health and your overall health? Consider learning more about the opportunities available in the field of Dental Assisting.

Higher Pay

Just as many dead-end jobs have unpredictable schedules, their pay is often not reflective of the effort and difficulty of the field. Low pay is a leading cause of job dissatisfaction and can make living your life and achieving your personal and financial goals very difficult.

Graduates of Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School often find positions with starting salaries of $35,000 to $40,000 annually  — not including dental and medical insurance, as well as other benefits like paid time off. We have an excellent employment rate for our graduates and provide career assistance services to all graduates.

Learn more about why so many people are becoming interested in Dental Assisting.

Increased opportunity for advancement

Most low-paying jobs offer little opportunity for advancement and career growth. However, a career as a Dental Assistant can open doors for years to come. With additional training and education, many Dental Assistants may find opportunities working as a:

  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • Dental Office Manager
  • Insurance Billing Coordinator
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Laboratory Technician

The amount of training, education, and experience required for these positions varies greatly. 

Keep reading about more career paths for dental assistants.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Many people find their jobs create stress and anxiety in their lives. This becomes a vicious cycle. The anxiety and pain of work creating more anxiety and more pain. A career change can be an excellent way to break the cycle and create a life with less anxiety and less stress.

There is more and more research showing the link between stress and lower overall health and wellness. By changing to a career that better fits your lifestyle and your personality, you can reduce much of the stress in your daily life.

But what kind of personality is a good fit for a career as a Dental Assistant? The graduates of our program who go on to succeed in the field of Dental Assisting are those who are:

  • Detail-oriented – Patient safety and the success of treatments depend on it!
  • Great communicators – Every patient’s personality is different and Dental Assistants must find a way to make every patient feel comfortable and confident. Clearly communicating with Dentists and Hygienists is also essential.
  • Compassionate – Going to the dentist is a stressful experience for many people. A good attitude and compassion can go a long way toward helping patients feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Excited and passionate – Great Dental Assistants are always learning more about their field and how they can help their patients. Never settle for anything less!

Keep reading to learn more traits of successful Dental Assistants.

More fulfillment and accomplishment

A recent study found the #1 key to being happy at work is feeling a sense of accomplishment. Many jobs simply don’t provide that — they are repetitive and unfulfilling. Dental Assisting, on the other hand, provides a very high level of fulfillment, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Dental Assistants can directly see the impact their work has on the lives of their patients — often right in front of them!

When you work as a Dental Assistant, your work will help people feel more confident about their smiles and their health.

Is there anything more fulfilling than that? We sure don’t think so!

Is Dental Assisting right for you?

If you’re interested in a healthcare career where you can find personal satisfaction and make a difference, you might be interested in working as a Dental Assistant. Competitive salaries and growing demand in the field are just the icing on the cake.

But we don’t recommend diving into any career change without doing your research. At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, we encourage any interested students to call us at (360) 818-7273.

We’d like the opportunity to:

  • Answer any questions you have
  • Teach you more about what Dental Assisting is really like
  • Invite you to tour our facility and speak with our experienced instructors
  • Understand the next steps in the process and how to apply to our program

We can’t wait to hear from you!