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Are you looking to begin your career as a dental professional and want to do it fast? The Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School may be the right choice for you! At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, students have trained since 2008 to thrive as dental assistants within 12 weeks. Yes, that is it! But don’t let the short amount of time fool you. When students graduate from the 12-week accelerated program, they are fully prepared to take on the dental world and all it has to offer. With a team of dedicated and experienced dental professionals, including program director Dr. Bharathi, our dental assisting students can be sure they are getting a highly quality education from some of the best dental professionals!

So Why Pick A 12-Week Program Over A Traditional 1-Year Program?

The 12-week dental assisting program is a convenient and affordable option for aspiring dental assistants who want to dive straight into their new dental careers. In just three months, you can enter the dental field and begin building experience working as a chairside dental assistant.
Many of us live busy lives, which can sometimes hinder the academic or career advancement goals we want to achieve, especially when there’s no time to fit in school or college classes. With a fast 12-week program featuring flexible classroom and clinic hours, you can schedule and complete school when it’s best for you and your family’s busy schedule!
With convenient nights, weekends, and day sessions available to complete classroom work, there is sure to be a time that works with your already busy lifestyle.

What Our Graduates Have to Say

Read what a previous Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting Trade School student shared about her experience during the 12-week dental assisting program: “You can still have a full-time job, and a family and children and still graduate…”. This is the reality for many aspiring students looking to further their education and careers, but feeling stuck due to a lack of time and other life responsibilities that can get in the way.

Our unique, fast-track dental assistant program is a fantastic option for those of us who still need to work while attending school and is truly the reality for a majority of students in today’s world. Life keeps going, even when school is needed. This program can easily make this work for those of us with busy schedules, obligations, and responsibilities. This student states that she “loved the teachers and doctor and that everyone is helpful and willing to listen.” Our graduates emphasize that the learning environment at the Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School is encouraging and inviting, where students can feel at ease, and instructors truly want you to thrive. Our program provides the guidance and expertise to get you into a dental career you love.  

Real-Life Patient Care

Many students that have completed the 12-week program also share how much they enjoy the hands-on experience they get during the program. Here, it would help if you read about dentistry or practice on models. Hands-on training is necessary for aspiring dental assistants, as you must practice and perfect the same responsibilities expected when working with other dental professionals, such as chairside with a dentist or specialist. Our instructors and Director, Dr. Bharathi, work closely with every student to correct mistakes and help prepare them for working with other dental professionals after graduation. That means you’ll experience real dental procedures during your training, as these hands-on experiences set you ahead as a new, proficient assistant. During these procedures, students are encouraged to ask questions and assist the dentist so that they feel confident as they embark on their professional careers.

Smaller Class Sizes

Another great benefit to an accelerated 12-week program is the more personalized classroom size available for students. Students often get more one-on-one time with instructors because the program runs for about three months. This gives our dental assistant students more opportunities to talk to instructors and ask for help or guidance compared to an average college classroom. Instructors know their students by first name and are always available when extra help is needed.

Faster Career Results

Accelerated programs like ours are for motivated individuals who have their eyes set on exactly what they want and don’t want to waste time meeting their goals. Keep in mind that accelerated programs mean accelerated for a reason. Coursework is much faster than a 1-year program would be. However, students often understand subjects more deeply as they are not taught in an isolated format. Subjects are taught more comprehensively. For example, a lecture regarding dental materials will be taught as you are using these materials in the clinical setting. Students of the 12-week program also benefit from having an on-site dental clinic to work in!

You’ll also complete internship hours at the on-site dental office during your studies, allowing for a comfortable teaching and working environment. Many of the staff members that work with us are past graduates of the 12-week program and fully understand the position of our students.

Respected Graduates and Job Placement Rates

Because our graduates are highly trained and highly sought after in the surrounding Camas and Portland area after graduation. Dental assisting jobs are in extreme demand and often offer competitive salaries, bonuses, and benefits packages!

Whether you are an aspiring dental assistant who wants to jump right into their career, an aspiring dental hygienist who wants to start with an assisting background or even an aspiring dentist to be, our 12-week program can certainly give you the career opportunities and growth you are looking for. By completing this accelerated program, you are investing in yourself and your future goals that will serve as a building block to a rewarding career in dentistry. The first step towards your future is sending in your application. Apply online today!