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Complete Your Internship At Our Dental Practice

To work as a Dental Assistant, you must complete a 32-hour hands-on internship. You’ll work alongside a dentist and learn the practical skills you need to succeed in a fast-paced dental office.

At Radiance Dental Assisting Academy, you will complete your internship at our on-site, affiliated Camas dental practice. You’ll work with our experienced dental staff, including graduates of Radiance Dental Assisting Academy.

Other Dental Assisting schools in Vancouver and Camas may require you to search for your own internship. By guaranteeing you an internship at our practice you’ll be able to focus on your studies and developing the skills you need to succeed.

Fast Paced Program

• Accelerated classroom study
• Only 12 weeks to an exciting career

Tuition is Only $3,995!

• Financial assistance available
• Lowest tuition of any program!

Flexible Class Schedules

• Night & weekend class options
• Keep working while you study

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Meet Our Faculty

Melanie Naylor

Melanie Naylor

Head Instructor

“I started Dental Assisting at the age of 16 in Rogue River, Oregon in 1979. Now, over 38 years later and after working as a Dental Assistant for 25 years, I continue my career in the dental field here at Radiance Dental Assisting Academy.

I truly love working with the students at our dental assistant school!”

Tanya Balan

Tanya Balan


“I have been a Dental Assistant for 10+ years. I enjoy teaching lab skills at the Dental Assisting school.  and strive to help my students develop the skills, and empathy needed to become a great dental assistant.

In my free time, I enjoy going to church, praying to my Lord Jesus, reading my Bible, singing, serving my Lord, and having fellowship with believers.”

Dr. Bharathi

Dr. Bharathi


“Dentistry is more than my profession. It is my passion. I want to help the students at Radiance Dental Assisting Academy feel the same passion that I do!

Since graduating from Boston University, my family and I have traveled to many incredible countries and visited many beautiful places. Ultimately, we chose to make our home here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Careers In Dental Assisting

Dentists can’t do their jobs alone. They rely on their front office staff, dental hygienists, lab technicians, and dental assistants to provide outstanding care to their patients. As a Dental Assistant, you’ll:

  • Help patients relax before treatment
  • Sterilize dental equipment and prepare treatment rooms
  • Assist dentists during procedures
  • Schedule patient appointments and help resolve billing and insurance issues

Above all, you’ll ensure that all patients have an outstanding experience during their visit to the dentist! It’s a big responsibility. But with classroom study at our Dental Assistant school and hands-on training from our experienced dental school instructors, you’ll be ready to succeed in your new career.

Read more about the career outlook for Dental Assistants.

Why Become A Dental Assistant?

•  Dental Assistant Salaries of $40,000+ Are Available!

•  The Field Will Grow By 20% In The Next Decade!

•  Work a Traditional Schedule With Weekends Off!

•  No Previous Healthcare Experience Or Education Is Needed!


I looked very hard to find the correct Dental Assistant School for me and I am lucky I found Radiance Dental Assisting Academy. You will have an opportunity to do an internship and I highly suggest you take it. It’ll give you a unique experience to watch the professionals at work and eventually get the chance to participate in helping the dentist and dental assistants.

— Tatyana B.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Assisting Careers

Why Is Dental Assisting Better Than Other Healthcare Careers?

You may be considering a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or other medical technician. However, be aware that these positions require long hours, including nights and weekends– often at low pay. By comparison, most Dental Assistants work a traditional Monday-Friday 9-5 schedule with weekends off and earn more than other entry-level healthcare workers, too!

I’ve Never Worked in Healthcare Before. Will I Make A Good Dental Assistant?

Very few of the students at our Camas Dental Assistant School have any healthcare experience. Most of our students are high school graduates who have worked in retail or sales positions but who are excited about finding a career instead of just another job. At Radiance Dental Assisting Academy, we will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed as a Dental Assistant!

Do I Need A License To Work As A Dental Assistant In Washington or Oregon?

Most entry-level Dental Assisting positions in Washington do not require a license. To work as a Dental Assistant in Oregon you will need to pass licensing exams or have 1,000 hours of work experience in Washington.

Can I Speak With One Of Your Instructors Before I Apply?

Absolutely! We encourage anyone interested in our dental school to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced instructors or sit in on a class. You can also shadow Dr. Bharathi at her dental practice if you like.

How Much Do Dental Assistants Make?

After graduating from our dental school, Dental Assistants in Washington and Oregon, including the Vancouver, Camas, and Portland areas earn around $35,000 annually. As you build experience in the field, you can earn up to $27 an hour!

Radiance Dental Assisting Academy is approved and regulated by the National School of Dental Assisting.

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